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Horse Betting Odds Basics

Horse betting odds can be quite confusing to the novice bettor. With the proliferation of online horse racing sites, it is easier than ever for new players to join in the fun of betting on the horses. However, in order to make money on your wagers, you need to know the odds and how they can affect your potential payout. Along with the odds themselves, you must also consider the chances your horse has of actually placing in this particular race. By combining these two factors, you can analyze whether your bet will be profitable and, if so, how much money should wagered on the horse. This article will give you a basic guide to understanding horse betting odds.

The horse betting odds for any one race are influenced by the amount of money wagered on each horse, so they are constantly in flux as bets are being placed. The opening odds are issued at the start of the betting period, with the odds shifting until wagering is cut off at the end of the period. It is easy to pick a winner from the odds-on favorites, since most of them are listed at 3:1 odds. This means that the horse is expected to win about 33% of the time. Unfortunately, the payout for wagering on the favorites is too low to make a decent profit this way. The key is to find horse betting odds that are being overlooked by the majority of gamblers.

There are three stages in setting the horse betting odds for a certain race. The morning line makers generally work for newspaper handicappers, racing offices, or horse betting public relations. Their job is to try to predict how much will be bet on each horse in the 48 hours prior to each race. The morning line will not include any late changes, workouts, or late scratches that may happen at the track in those last 48 hours. These changes will affect the horse betting odds for that race and may turn an unprofitable wager into a profitable one or vice versa.

The morning line can sometimes influence the public handicappers’ lines that appear in newspapers and horse racing magazines. This can cause a problem with compounding the changes in the odds because the public handicappers will rely on the knowledge of the morning line makers, when the morning line is intended only to be a rough estimate of betting activity. Some public handicappers also include inside information or personal favorites in their horse betting odds predictions, which further biases them and makes their picks inaccurate.

The public may look at the horse betting odds posted by the morning line makers, read the public handicappers articles, and decide that a certain horse looks like a favorable proposition. Unfortunately, if those two are already wrong about the odds, the wagers being placed on that horse further skew the odds in the wrong direction. This can lead to a compounding effect where the horse betting odds are affected in far greater ways than would be expected just by the betting amounts along.

USA to Win Odds

The Internet has brought many opportunities to those looking forward to betting on sporting events, such as the World Cup. If you like to follow the World Cup events and you would like to give online sports betting a try, there are a lot of fantastic options available to you. Some of the online sports betting sites cater strictly to sports bettors, while others cater to sports bettors and other types of gamblers, such as those who want to play casino games, lottery games, bingo games, poker games, and more. This means, when you are looking for the right sportsbook to go to for the USA to win odds, you want to consider all the other possibilities you may have available as well.

When you make the choice to go online and bet on sports, make sure you are prepared to follow a strong money management plan. Your money management plan should be well thought out and one you can and will stick to, no matter what. You will find that betting with discipline will protect you from possibly making a decision that may lead you into financial trouble. Discipline will be the key to you becoming a successful online sports bettor. Finding the right place to follow the world cup odds is a great start, but you still need to follow through with smart choices and clear thinking.

There is a way you can add more into your available online sports betting bankroll without dipping into money you shouldn’t. You can do this by becoming good at taking advantage of bonuses, promotions, and world cup free bet offers. Great news for you is most sports betting sites in the industry do have these types of offers available. Some examples of these rewards and offers include welcome bonuses, free bet offers, reload bonuses, and referral bonuses. You need to be sure you read all the information the sportsbook provides you with regarding any offer you choose to take advantage of. Most of the offers you will see will need to have certain requirements met and this is referred to as “clearing the bonus”.

An online sportsbook you choose to count on for your USA to win odds will give you the opportunity to conveniently log in and bet when you want. However, if you are a person with a very hectic and busy lifestyle, there may be a lot of times when you are away from your computer. During these moments, you may still want to bet. This is why it might be in your best interest to specifically look for an online sports betting site that also has a mobile version. When you have access to a sports betting site from your mobile device you will be able to follow the odds, place your bets, and take care of your other sports betting needs while you are away from your computer. The freedom the mobile versions offer you is something you will quickly learn to appreciate.

How Do You Find Value in Football Betting?

FIFA 2014is not only making football fans go crazy, but also World Cup Bookmakers; it is driving web and online gambling booming like never before. Though betting isn’t a new thing, still many people aren’t aware of some basic concepts. People commit mistakesbecause they fail to understand the basics. Here is a guide that explains a few golden rules, which are supposed to be kept in mind while betting to get enough profit immediately.

What Is Value?

Value is perhaps the least understood concept of football world cup betting; in fact, many pros find it very difficult to digest or face trouble with the concept. When it comes to stock market, the value can be easily estimated. The price to earnings (P/E) ratio determines the fair value of the stock price. If the ratio is low, then it means that more value is on the way. However, sports’ betting has got nothing to do with P/E ratio. Good value doesn’t mean that you place a bet on team that you assume to win, but in reality you bet on an underdog!

How to Find Value?

Finding a value on spreads is not so cut and dry, because each party has fifty-fifty chance of winning the game. When bets happen against the point spreads, there is a chance that bettor is gambling a line, which could be several points low or too high.

If Team A has 5 points and bettor predicts line should have 9 points, there is value in betting the first line. If the case is reversed, then you should bet on the other player. Finding betting value works in the same way as determining value with spreads, except you are betting a line, which is either too low or too high. If your judgmental power is strong, this good value can fetch you long term success.

Reality Check

You can find many online 2014 football world cup bookmakers, offering deals and promotional stuffs, claiming to be positive and profitable. But sometimes, even pros fail to understand how this value checking works. Football is driving the online gambling boom, but people commit mistake when placing a bet, failing to understand how the system works. That’s why bookies are still leading, but little bit of research can help you to beat them as well. You just have to place smart bets to beat bookies, despite being getting odds stacked against you.

Don’t fall for bookie’s trap

Don’t listen to what they say at the first place; ignore their nasty tactics. You can consult a local bookie, who suggests you to bid on some games, but always beware that there is a possibility of you getting poor value bet from them.

Look for Asian handicaps to increase and get to successful summit; the best way to increase the value is to bet on the player’s goal min on spreads. Don’t get distracted by betting on multiple events; if your main intention is to increase the value, then avoid placing multiple bets. Dedicate time and money on a single bet and concentrate on each player and make sure that this FIFA betting works in your favor.

To bet ‘under’ on a game

The ‘under’ is a bet on the total of a game. To bet ‘under’ on a game means to bet that the total amount of points in a game will go below the posted total. For example, if the total posted on a football game is 38 points, a combination of anything adding up to under 38 points is a winner. It does not matter how the points are scored, merely the total amount of points scored.

Favorable situations

The ‘under’ bet is inherently a good bet. Since most people like to cheer for points, especially games on national television, the total on most games are usually overcompensated for the over—hence giving value to the under. Other situations where the under is favorable include playoff games, division rivalry games, and games played in extremely horrible weather (such as heavy winds in outdoor football games). In playoff games, matchups tend to go under the posted total. Defenses rule in playoff games, hence betting under in playoff games are usually good bets. Division rivalry games are also good situations to bet the under. In these matchups, the coaches and players know their opposition so well that scoring is usually at a premium. Extreme weather conditions also favor the under. Situations such as heavy winds, rain, or snow in outdoor games are ideal factors for betting the under in these games.

Defensive games

Games that feature teams with very stout defenses also have very low totals. As such, the astute gambler will realize such situations and bet the over. Oddsmakers realize that most people will want to bet the under on these types of games, and since casinos and sportsbooks are not in the business of losing money, oddsmakers will set a line that will be too low for the under—hence, the winning bet will be the over. Defensive games that are on national television are the best places to bet the over. One great example is the world cup 2014 betting, which pitted the San Antonio Spurs against the Detroit Pistons. This championship series boasted the NBA’s stingiest defense that year (San Antonio allowed 88.4 ppg during the regular season, while Detroit allowed 89.5 ppg). During the 7-game series totals were set at 170.5 to 176, a total that would normally be in tune with how each team scored. The national public, ESPN, and other sports sources reported and projected that this NBA finals would be one of the lowest scoring series in history; in fact, promoters were afraid that not enough people would be drawn in to even watch the championships. These two teams had very good defenses and mediocre offenses. In betting terms, people were licking their chops to bet the under; sportsbooks, thus, had to adjust. In the end, the over hit 5 times, while the under hit 2 times. This goes to show that what may seem like such an easy bet is as such—too easy of a bet to win.


In closing, betting under in a sporting event is generally a good idea. Betting the under means to bet that the total amount of points scored will go under the posted total.

Horse Racing Odds

Betting on horses on a racetrack is a form of wager. Each wager depends on the amount of the odds against the horses and also the horse racing results to determine the prize money. In most horse racing events, the odds are displayed on a large board which is also known as a tote board.

Generally, the odds displayed on the tote board are in the form of a ratio which many people might find difficult to understand. Basically, if a horse is given the odds of 5:1, it means that for every one dollar you wagered on it, you’ll get five in return. Most race tracks require a minimum bet of two dollars.

Now, some of you might wonder how these odds are compiled and why some horses have higher odds than the others. These odd are calculated by odd makers who follow a certain principle. First, they calculate the amount of money bet on a given horse and grand total of all the horses combined together. Then, they have to deduct a portion of the track’s take which is used to pay the state, local taxes, the horsemen, and so on. When they’ve figured out the cost, they deduct it together with the total bet money from the grand total. The final figure is then divided by the bet money to obtain the ratio.